About Us

Pit Viper Sunglasses - The sunglasses sunglasses would wear if sunglasses could wear sunglasses.

Demand Respect & Authority

Pit Viper Worldwide (PVWW) has been founded to make you look like a bad ass. Just look at yourself. You want, no need, Pit Viper in your life. Built to make your every move seem like that of a Greek god; Pit Vipers take you to the next level.

So what do you want to know about us? 

The History

Pit Viper was founded on a simple principle - sunglasses that can take a beating. In the spring of 2012 founder, Chuck Mumford, was traveling to the Teton Mountains for a ski touring adventure. Sunglasses being a very important part of touring trips, Chuck had his current "high-end sport" sunglasses in tow which quickly broke and left him looking for more. He started developing Pit Vipers in the Spring of 2012 as a rugged product that could be shot, sat on, shoved in pockets, run over, and mostly maintain their sun and wind bucking ability. Through the spring the tests were successful and it was time to give them some attitude. Being an accomplished artist, Chuck began painting the PV's to match his extreme lifestyle, and they looked damn good.
Bottom line is that Pit Vipers may look like the most incredible thing in decades, but they are also highly functional sunglasses. They are the optimal blend of style and performance.
It's important to keep the fun alive, and at Pit Viper we are striving to do our part. If you haven't figured it out yet, we are very serious about not taking ourselves too seriously. We love our product and what it stands for.

About Our Product

Pit Vipers demand respect & authority. Put them on and let the world be jealous. It's that simple.

Oh okay, so you need some convincing? Try this on for size poindexter:

  • Military design.
  • 3 adjustment points for the perfect fit.
  • Solar protection
  • Optimal peripheral vision.



Are we going to back up our product? Of course.
Yeah, we'll replace your Pit Vipers, but you have to do something for us. Get this:
Send us a video of you breaking your Pit Vipers, or a dramatic reenactment, and you just earned yourself another pair. One time only... go ahead and break them but you better make us laugh.

This is our favorite so far...